Mont du Toit Tasting
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The Mont du Toit blend is our flagship wine. 

These wines are matured for up to 20 months in oak barrels and bottle aged for a further year or more before released. These wines have complex flavours of red fruit.  Elegant yet forceful with flavours on the front, middle and back palate, and a long aftertaste.  These are wines that will keep and grow for 10 or more years.  

This range includes a blend, a single cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon and a single cultivar Merlot.

These two single cultivar wines represent the very best of each cultivar and undergo the same careful selection as the blend.  These wines are available only in limited quantities.

Experience all three wines from the Mont du Toit Range.

**This tasting also include locally grown olives to clear your pallet.

Also try some honey from the hives on Mont du Toit

Booking is essential.